La Jolla Pharmaceutical – Technology Overview

Deirdre Gillespie Leads Advisory Efforts at Invigor Consulting

Deirdre Gillespie possesses nearly three decades of experience as a business leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In addition to her many leadership roles that include serving as the executive chairperson of IRAD Oncology, Inc., Deirdre Gillespie lends her expertise to emerging companies as the CEO of Invigor Consulting.

Invigor Consulting advises pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms in both North America and Europe, providing operational and strategic support throughout all phases of business development. Gillespie and the company assist clients in developing business plans, assembling effective leadership teams, and forming advisory groups. Additionally, Invigor Consulting helps businesses to navigate financing options that include forming partnerships and garnering fundraising support.

In overseeing the company’s consulting activities, Gillespie also draws on her experience in all four phases of clinical development to guide clients through the process. Experienced in several therapeutic areas, she specializes in oncology, lupus, female sexual interest/arousal disorders, and infectious diseases. Her extensive experience in both business management and clinical development allows her to advise clients in a variety of matters, including clinical planning and protocol design. Invigor Consulting also facilitates interactions with opinion leaders and contract research organizations. In addition, the company provides guidance on meetings with the Food and Drug Administration.


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