Royal College of Physicians Takes on Teaching in South Sudan

Dr. Deirdre Gillespie, who heads La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company as president and CEO, belongs to the Royal College of Physicians. The organization is devoted to improving the health and professionalism of the medical community and its patients. As a member, Dr. Deirdre Gillespie stays up to date with the group’s latest news.

A new project was recently announced by the Royal College of Physicians to teach local citizens of the Republic of South Sudan better health practices. Volunteers, in tandem with clinical faculty at the Juba Teaching Hospital in the Republic’s capital city, will instruct doctors new to the practice of medicine in essential medical skills. Due in part to devastating civil war, local doctors with a senior level of medical experience are few and far between, and this project will help to fill the experience gap.

The project will begin in February 2014 and last three years. Over 100 new doctors are expected to attain instruction. Other Royal Medical Colleges have indicated that they may follow suit with their own programs if this one proves successful.


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