Equity Financing – Helping Companies Grow

Over the course of her nearly three-decade career as a physician, researcher, and executive in the life sciences, Dr. Deirdre Gillespie has worked for businesses like Sandoz Pharma and Vical, Inc. Most recently, Dr. Deirdre Gillespie functioned as the chief executive officer and president for La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. In addition to her leadership in guiding the development of pharmaceutical treatments, she has become adept at the equity financing process.

Equity financing refers to raising capital for a business by selling shares of ownership rather than borrowing capital from a lending institution. This type of financing allows businesses to receive the capital without having to repay it or take on debt. However, equity investors share in any profits and have the right to be consulted regarding any business decisions.

Usually, startup businesses have several rounds of equity financing from investors and venture capitalists to grow the company without acquiring costly debt. Debt financing, conversely, allows the business owner to make his or her own choices but may saddle the business with enough debt to hinder positive cash flow.


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